Desktop Pro Vaporizer
Easiest, Smoothest Air Flow

Onsen Labs has created a new desktop vaporizer that puts ease of use as the primary feature. By doing so it has the smoothest, easiest apparatus when inhaling. This eases the experience and creates a continuous air flow that mimics normal breathing; it makes it easier for everyone.

From pain, came courage
How We Came To Be

It didn’t happen one event after another, but it was a journey still. A tragic event played out in the Gough family. And now Steven thinks could have been less traumatic for the person it affected the most; his sister. In a “long way around” this was one of the reasons Steve Gough created Onsen Labs.

Our Competition
Combustion: The Old Way

Man invented fire a very long time ago and traditions should only change when a better method comes along. Now that humanity has figured out ‘fire’, we understand thermodynamics. As a result, this has led to a new, low-heat method of herbal consumption called vaporization that has many benefits.

Illinois is Moving Forward
Illinois Medical Herb Pilot Program

Illinois is piloting medical herb on a statewide level, and the legislature has just passed legislation to make it permanent!

Now it awaits the Governor's signature. Since the program’s inception in 2013, it has expanded to include more common conditions for which herb could be prescribed. The program allows about 40 serious medical conditions to qualify for 2.5 ounces of herb every two weeks.


Onsen Labs

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