Desktop Pro Vaporizer

At Onsen Labs we have created the only Laboratory grade vaporizer for ground herbs. With a hygienic, Pure Airpath, the Desktop Pro Vaporizer features the smoothest, easiest draw. This eases the experience and allows for a continuous draw that mimics normal breathing. Designed with larger parts, integrated cooling and a durable, thermally isolated base, the Desktop Pro is your all day workhorse duty vape for therapeutic users.

A New Standard

Onsen Labs has engineered the Desktop Pro vaporizer to provide a hygienic, low resistance draw through a visibly clear air path, which produces the most consistent vaporizing experience possible. Designed with the Pure Airpath the Desktop Pro Vaporizer routes air around a ceramic heating element, through lab grade glass ensuring a stable consistent heat throughout the inhale. Connected to the Pure Airpath is a glass chamber and silicone whip for easy cleaning and reliable operation.

Scientific and Therapeutically Focused

The Desktop Pro Vaporizer was designed with therapeutic users in mind. Our Airpath provides a low resistance inhaling experience while maintaining an airway of inert components, glass, ceramic, titanium and silicone.

Quality Engineered

The Desktop Pro Vaporizer is engineered using quality medical grade components and to the strictest quality specifications and tolerances. Each unit is made, assembled and tested with care in the USA before being shipped.

Scientifically Driven

Onsen Labs is focused first and foremost on consistent performance of our product and that happens by understanding through data how our device performs day in and day out. The Desktop Pro Vaporizer has gone through a data informed design process helping to refine the design to reflect around actual user experience.

Built to Last

The Desktop Pro Vaporizer is designed to last, day in and day out. Constructed of medical grade components, the Desktop Pro Vaporizer starts with a sturdy base made of aluminum containing an integrated cooling system. On top of this base is a protective poly-carbonate heat shield and inner borosilicate glass heater cover both kept at optimal temperature for all day use.

Vaporization Vs Combustion

Combustion is a crude tool for consuming cannabis, not unlike cooking over a fire, and as with all things, technology changes and with it vaporization gives the user of the Desktop Pro Vaporizer access to the specific parts of the plant which is right for them. With an engineered and specific quantity of heat, it is possible to only vaporize what you need.

OId Method: Competition

As with all technology, things change, we used to cook our food over fires but we sought more precision to have better control over what we ate. As with all uncontrolled flame, the temperatures experienced within the combustion process varies and often exceed the required temperature to extract the important ingredients therapeutic users require, while exposing them to ones they don’t want.

New Method: Vaporizing

Vaporizing is the new way. Unlike combustion, vaporization uses lower temperature heated air that is hot enough to boil the relevant therapeutic compounds from the herb inhaled by the user. By not exposing the cellulose plant material to temperatures which burn it, the user is exposed to significantly less carcinogens.

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